Monday, May 05, 2008

Mobile Vodcasting

I've been experimenting with the possibilities of mobile Vodcasting (Video casting) recently.

The N-Series Nokia's make this a painless exercise (the multimedia capabilities of the NSeries phones is exceptional - it's just their lack of text entry options and poor battery life that let then down - you really need to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you all the time for any length of text input):

  1. Place your smartphone in a deskstand. Turn on the camera on your smartphone, or start the 'camera' application.

  2. Choose 'use secondary camera (the 'front low resolution camera)

  3. Choose video mode and 'shoot' your vodcast. This will be saved as a 176x144 .3gp (H263 mpeg4) compressed video, suitable for mms or emailing. The built-in microphone does a reasonable job of recording the audio accompanying the video.

  4. Edit your video recording

  5. Upload your edited video to your online video host or Blog - using either email or Shozu.

Non NSeries cameraphones:

The Sonyericsson P1i does not have a built-in video editor, nor does the front camera record stills or video - it's solely for video conferencing :-( .

However the main camera records video at 320x240, 15fps. To edit and upload your video clips from the P1i:

  1. Create a free Jumpcut or Photobucket account.

  2. Find your email upload address, and email your video clips to Jumpcut or Photobucket from your P1i

  3. Logon to your Jumpcut/Photobucket account on a computer and edit your uploaded clips into a 'movie'.

  4. Embed the final 'movie' into your Vox blog etc...

Obviously Jumpcut and Photobucket can also be used with the Nokia NSeries phones as well - their online video editors are more fully featured than the built-in video editor on the phones, and Jumpcut or Photobucket also provide extra features such as embedding a video player in most blog hosts, and voting polls etc...

Below is an example of a Vodcast created by recording clips on an N95 secondary camera & a P1i, then uploaded via email to a Jumpcut account and edited into a short 'movie' using the Jumpcut editor - pretty cool technology! (Pity about the video ;-) )

jumpcut movie:Jumpcut Mobile Test

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