Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 20 iPod Touch & iPhone apps

Here's my list of my top twenty apps (All on the iTunes Store for download - some free, some not):

1. Mail

Great for checking mail anywhere, anytime. Awesome preview of attachments (no saving :-( ). My favourite way to blog.

2. Safari

The best Mobile Web experience around!

3. NetNewsWire

For keeping up with all my RSS Feeds.

4. Fring

Instant Messaging extraordinaire!, also includes Skype, Gmail notifier, and Twitter posts.

5. Twitterriffic

Finally Twitter makes sense ;-)
Includes GPS and Photo microblogging to Twitter.

6. YouTube App

Search, bookmark, email, blob-out to YouTube Videos on the awesomely viewable screen!

7. Google App

Shortcut to Googles Mobile Web Services - formatted for iPhone.

8. Shozu

A social Media-blogging hub!

9. Google Earth

Cool maps! Zoom in on your house!

10. FourTrack

Ditch the cassette recorder - record your musical masterpieces in multitrack using FourTrack.

11. Caravan

Easy Mac & PC file-sharing with iPhone.

12. Bible reader

Carry a searchable Bible everywhere!

13. Path Tracker

Track your movements over Google Maps and savethe path - could be a great car-rally or treasure hunt tool!

14. Mobile Fotos

Flickr on your iPhone.

15. Band

Create some musical inspiration - WOW!

16. Comic Touch

Annotate your pics.

17. DecibelMeter

How load is that music???

18. iProRecorder

Record a voice note or audio PODCast.

19. Voice4Fun

Edit your audio recordings on the iPhone

20. Speedtest

Test how fast your internet connection is - is Telecom/Vodafone ripping you off???

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beached Whale

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Billy Joel Concert

Stage - waiting to start!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

iPhone Music Video

Rap Music Video recorded entirely on iPhone using Jailbroken iPhone and Cycorda app.

I used Cycorder to shoot everything. This app rocks, but you can only use it if your phone is jailbroken, so go out and jailbreak your iPhone - you will thank me later. After Effects was used to edit the video because Final Cut didn’t like the resolution and frame rate that came out of Cycorder. I particularly like the look of the footage when it gets all warpy because the sensor can’t keep up with the motion. It kind of has this retro/film/stopmotion feel.

See the authors Blog

YouTube video HERE

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

MLearning the new (fun) frontier

Podcast interview after my presentation at Ascilite2008.

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Nokia N97 Demo - the great Fondle Video

Check out this video on YouTube:

The N97 looks great, but it looks like the user interface is not as
slick or intuitive as the iPhone, and appears to require multiple
touches to achieve actions? Will have to try one out - can't wait
until June July09 :-)
This of course gives Apple time to introduce the iPhone v3 before
then! Here's hoping! Competition is great!!!

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Nokia N97 Demo

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Nokia N97 - Nseries with touch and QWERTY

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

mLearning - Using mobile technologies to develop new ways of teaching and learning

mLearning - Using mobile technologies to develop new ways of teaching and learning

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University of Woolongong mlearning project, a series of 6 week long mlearning trials using Palm Treo680 smartphones and iPods, funded by Australian govt.

Critique: short-term projects with unoptimum choices of technology!

Publishing affordances of mlearning - but will results be coloured by the projects limitations?!

See Ascilite2008 papers of the various case studies. Herrington et al. The study was supported by a team of 12 staff - wow! 12 people doing what I have been doing all on my own at Unitec!

Networked Student

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Auzzie PrePaid Mobile Broadband


'3' have a PrePaid mobile broadband data 'account' option - I'm using this while in Melbourne for ASCILITE2008!

Cost is $10 for the SIM card, $29/month for 2GB data

This is pretty good value & no long term contract required!

AND you can use your own 3G Modem - I'm using a NZ Vodafone 3G Expresscard Modem with the '3" SIM. Only downside is some of the activation process requires the '3' modem software, and it's a pain having to remove cookies to get beyond the 'activation' page each connection :-(

Ascilite2008 Conference