Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Feedback on Opera Mini 3.0

Opera Mini 3.0 and The Ajax Phone: "

  1. Feed Reader: I’ve let this replace the native feed reader I have on my phone. The UI is better than what the Sony Ericsson M600i offers, and it actually supports a multitude of formats, including Atom 1.0

  2. Photo upload. My phone has no camera, but here it is, direct photo upload from within Opera Mini.

  3. Support for secure connections: You can finally use secure services and stay safe all the way.

  4. Since most web authors have no regard for mobile usability (and no, dotmobi won’t help), Opera Mini 3.0 has content folding, where long navigation lists and other filler fluff is collapsed so you don’t have to scroll past 323 pages to get to your actual content.


I must say that I have found the same on my new SE M600 - Opera Mini3 has some nicer features (& uses less data) than the full Opera8 built into the M600!

(Via Planet Mobile Web.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Opera Mini v3 for Mobiles

Opera Mini v3 is now available - with some cool new features:



Online Simulator

M600 video overview


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Multimedia from All About Symbian

Monday, November 27, 2006

blogging from M600

TriaIing Kablog,a java blogging application

KERRANG! the weekly rock magazine goes QR Code

KERRANG! the weekly rock magazine goes QR Code: "Kerrang with QR Code

Photo: Robert Price

The new Kerrang, the english weekly rock magazine, hit the newsstands yesterday. We are proud to announce that the mobile tag below made it in the magazine*.

Kerrang QR Code

Short Code: 20207331 / Download the Kaywa Reader / Supported Phones

So if you want a Free Fightstar Video download, you should probably try it out.

By the way - if you know some german, you can read a review of FIGHTSTAR's Grand Unification over at Bandsmagazine

* See our other mobile tag projects.

Related: And see Emily's post about QR Codes for Food Traceability in Japan."

(Via Planet Mobile Web.)

MobileYouth: Introduction

MobileYouth: Introduction: "Children don't know the rules we set for them; this is why they defy convention. SMS grew thanks to young people 'breaking the rules'. MMS was an attempt to increase per-message fees. Some real views from youth follow, highlighting social value of mobiles for youth (duh).

Lifetime value of a young mobile customer in the UK is $20,000. This decreases as they get older."

(Via Planet Mobile Web.)

Friday, November 24, 2006

eLearnz Workshop 15 Nov 2006

A successful use of our wireless laptop set!

Mobile phone statistics

Mobile phone statistics:

Here's a new round of statistics from Gartner for the mobile phone market. Gartner estimates that 986M phones will be sold this year, which is 21% more than last year. It doesn't look good for BenQ.

Provider Sold units Q3 2006 Share Q3 2006 Sold units Q3 2005 Share Q3 2005
Nokia 88.1 35.1 67.2 32.5
Motorola 51.9 20.6 38.6 18.7
Samsung 30.6 12.2 25.9 12.5
Sony Ericsson 19.4 7.7 13.8 6.7
LG 15.0 6.0 13.5 6.5
BenQ 6.1 2.4 !!! 9.8 4.7
Other 40.2 16.0 37.9 18.3
Total 251.3 100.0 206.7 100.0

(Via Abiro - Mobile News.)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vodafone 3G Broadband and DSL speedtests - from Picasaweb

VMC software available for ALL Macs!

Vodafone Mobile Connect software for Mac users - v2.06.05

This version of software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Apple Macs with Intel processors, as well as supporting all the previous Vodafone Mobile Connect PC data cards, plus:

* Huawei E220 3G+/3G/EDGE/GPRS USB 3.6 Mbit/s
* Option 3G+/3G/EDGE/GPRS "Icon" USB 1.8 Mbit/s (VF-DE "EasyBox")
* Novatel XU870 3G+/3G/EDGE/GPRS Expresscard 3.6 Mbit/s*

You can use a Vodafone Mobile Connect USB device with any Mac that has USB support and Mac OS X 10.3.5 or newer, including:

* Intel MacBook
* Intel MacBook Pro
* iMac
* Mac mini
* PowerBook
* iBook
* Mac Pro
* G5, G4 and G3 PowerMac.

Please note that the oldest supported Apple Mac OS X system for this version is now Mac OS X Panther 10.3.5.

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8 or newer is recommended.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Zealand DSL :: New Zealand Broadband and DSL Speedtest Page

New Zealand DSL :: New Zealand Broadband and DSL Speedtest Page: ""

Will have to check out my new Xtra ADSL connection speed!

Welcome to Flickr!

Welcome to Flickr!: ""

New mobile version of Flickr now working!

SmartPhone Emulator Developer Edition 6.0

SmartPhone Emulator Developer Edition 6.0: "Multiple Handset Support covering major manufacturers: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sharp, Siemens, Samsung, NECMulti-emulator environment with one key synchronization between emulators of the same groupSimple 'Demonstration Mode' for presentations and %u201CDevelopment mode%u201D for building and testing servicesSupport for XHTML-MP, WML 1.2 / WMLScript (where appropriate) and i-modeSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) support (requires Java 1.2 or higher)Enhanced view source with syntax highlighting and HTTP statusVariable/context viewer/editorEnhanced user interface features including on-line help Multi-platform support: Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX-based systemsPowerful scripting system for programmatic applications testingCustomisable User Agent String"

Includes a Mac OSX version! - but costs $299US

NewsGator Releases RSS Aggregator for Windows Mobile Devices

NewsGator Releases RSS Aggregator for Windows Mobile Devices: "NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile Extends the Power of RSS to Mobile Enterprise Workers and Consumers

DENVER, CO -- September 20, 2006 -- NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS platform company, today announced the public release of NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile, a product that allows users to read content and manage their RSS subscriptions seamlessly from any Windows-mobile capable device. Articles and subscriptions are synchronized between NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile and NewsGator's other applications, including NewsGator Online, Inbox, NetNewsWire and FeedDemon."

(Via NewsGator News and Updates.)

BBC Mobile - Emulator

BBC Mobile - Emulator: ""

A demo of the BBC's WAP site, which is the mobile internet site that is available to all phones, can be viewed and tried out below

Friday, November 10, 2006

3D web browsing

3B is a 3D web browser, using avatars and RSS to create a 3D web browsing experience - looks really cool! PC only tho :P

Music Instrument Learning Software for Music Teachers and Students

Music Instrument Learning Software for Music Teachers and Students: "In the Chair is music education software that lets you practice by performing with professional musicians, bands and renowned orchestras. Be part of the band - hear the other musicians as you watch the video from your chosen spot - and perfect the piece with the feedback you receive as you play. With In the Chair you practice with real musicians, playing real music (not Midi) using your own instrument!

It doesn't matter if you are learning how to play the clarinet, flute, trumpet, saxophone, violin, cello or recorder - In the Chair has jazz, orchestral and beginner favorites to suit your level and style. With new pieces, lessons and techniques added each week, you can be sure that you will find something to suit your needs."

This is a really cool Web2 app!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GooSync GooSync Beta How it Works

GooSync Beta How it Works

: " Beta is an over-the-air synchronisation service for GoogleCalendar.
Just hit the sync button on your mobile device to synchronize your GoogleCalendar and the calendar on your mobile device.

- Create your GoogleCalendar
- Create your Beta account
- Initialize the sync from your mobile device"

Another Free web2 service for mobiles!

If your device does not support auto set-up:

In the phone's manual you can find instructions on how to set-up sync.

These are the generic setup instructions:

Sync server URL:

Username: Your Goosync UserName.

Password: Your Goosync password.

Calendar database: Calendar