Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Feedback on Opera Mini 3.0

Opera Mini 3.0 and The Ajax Phone: "

  1. Feed Reader: I’ve let this replace the native feed reader I have on my phone. The UI is better than what the Sony Ericsson M600i offers, and it actually supports a multitude of formats, including Atom 1.0

  2. Photo upload. My phone has no camera, but here it is, direct photo upload from within Opera Mini.

  3. Support for secure connections: You can finally use secure services and stay safe all the way.

  4. Since most web authors have no regard for mobile usability (and no, dotmobi won’t help), Opera Mini 3.0 has content folding, where long navigation lists and other filler fluff is collapsed so you don’t have to scroll past 323 pages to get to your actual content.


I must say that I have found the same on my new SE M600 - Opera Mini3 has some nicer features (& uses less data) than the full Opera8 built into the M600!

(Via Planet Mobile Web.)

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