Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Calendars

I've been playing with Google Calendars recently - mainly because my dotMac account runs out soon and the boss won't renew it ( :-( ), and I love using iCal on the Mac! So - experimenting with Google Calendars revealed that it uses the same format as iCal!!! I can export my iCal calendars and import them directly into Google Calendars - YAY! You can even share your GCal & subscribe to it via iCal (to get an offline copy). A nifty little utility is for the Mac, and GCal.Win for Windows - basically a dedicated browser for Google Calendars.

Only prob so far appears that reminder events do not translate through to iCal from Google Calendar.

Its also possible to generate HTML for embedding your Google Calendar in a web page:

Although it appears Blogger does not support the iFrame tag that is required for this to work :-( - hang on, maybe its just Safari. OK - checking in Firefox reveals the problem is Safari not supporting Google Calendar emded - Firefox views the following embedded Google Calendar fine! - so if you see a blank space below this post - view it in Firefox ;-)


Welcome to Treemo - Treemo: Media Sharing on a Mission: "Treemo is an online and mobile community dedicated to sharing digital media, empowering self-expression, and transforming creativity into action."

Treemo looks rather interesting - all content is mobile friendly, and they provide multiple ways of accessing content & uploading content via mobile devices without requiring a client application:

  1. Via Cell Phone Number

  2. Via Mobile Web Browser

  3. Via MMS

  4. Via email

  5. Or from PC online

Definitely worth checking out. They are also quite strict on content - copyright, etc...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Quimble - online Polling

Looks like an interesting option for creating free online opinion polls - will have to give it a go! Example poll below.NOTE: - Safari users can only VIEW the results of an embeded survey, whereas Firefox users get the option of VOTING as well!!! (Dang - Safari is not helping the uptake of Web2 much :-( ).

Optus (Auzzie) 3G Promo videos

A set of very creative short videos promoting the use of 3G applications on a mobile phone, by Optus.

Phew! - what a gigantic URL!!!

Also: here's a Flash demo from Telecom on the Treo 650 (no longer available as Telecom are now selling the Treo 700wx!)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

WINKsite: Mobile Community, User-Generated Content, Mobile Social Software, Mobile Chat, Mobile Site Builder

WINKsite: Mobile Community, User-Generated Content, Mobile Social Software, Mobile Chat, Mobile Site Builder: "What Is WINKsite?
WINKsite is a community-focused microcontent publishing platform designed for personal expression and social networking for those who enjoy a mobile lifestyle.

Who was WINKsite built for? Bloggers, diarists, online journalists, flash mobbers, chatters, social networkers, geochachers, gamers, artists/bands, fans, travelers, political activists, syndicators, students, organizations, teams, communities, and businesses. Use your mobile site as your personal podium to the world, a convenient mobile dashboard to all you find important or as a space to build and manage a mobile community.

Did you know? The site you create at WINKsite is simultaneously available on any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA running a WML v1.x, xHTML Mobile Profile(WML v2.0) or i-mode compatible HTML (cHTML) browser."

(Via .)


Slam: "Slam is a Microsoft Research Community Technologies Group research project, developed in conjunction with the Microsoft Photo and Imaging eXperience (PIX) team. It is a mobile device-based application that enables lightweight, group-centric real-time communication, location awareness and photo-sharing.

The core concept behind Slam is a “Slam”, a group of people with whom you can exchange messages and photos. When you send a message in Slam, it is automatically sent to everyone in the group to which you sent it. For smartphone users that have the Slam client installed, their phone will buzz and they will have an indication on their phone’s home screen that there is a new message. For SMS users, they will receive the message as an SMS from the Slam server. Like smartphone users, SMS users can be members of multiple slam groups. SMS users will send / receive messages to a different phone number for each slam group they a member of.

The Slam application will run on any Windows Mobile SmartPhone."

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dummies2Delight Graduation!

Using Opera for Presentations

Opera v9 has some great presentation features - who needs powerpoint??!!

options include:

  1. Fullscreen mode 'option+ F10'

  2. keycommand switching between tabs 'Alt+Tab'

  3. zoom in and out "shift+Plus' = zoom in, 'minus' = zoom out

  4. and many more

  5. Almost forgot - you can save open tabs as 'sessions' - a great way to preset multiple web pages for a presentation

Opera also features a small screen device preview - hold down 'shift+option+plus'. >> Stories >> Software >> Google Maps on Treo >> Stories >> Software >> Google Maps on Treo: "Palm, Inc. today announced that it will deliver the popular interactive mapping experience of Google Maps to millions of Palm Treo smartphone users. Google Maps for mobile optimized for Palm OS based Treo smartphones is a free downloadable Palm OS application that offers directions, local search, moveable/scalable maps, location satellite imagery and traffic updates while on the go.

Google Maps for mobile is available today free of charge. To download Google Maps for mobile to a Treo smartphone, users simply visit from the Treo web browser.

Palm Announces the Treo 680

Palm Announces the Treo 680: "Palm has announced the Treo 680 smartphone today at a press conference at DigitalLife in New York City. The Treo 680 is a Palm OS powered GSM/GPRS/EDGE smartphone. The 680 features a internal antenna and a hardware design similar to the Treo 750v. Palm has not yet announced carrier availability or pricing details."

(Via PalmInfocenter.)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Net Savvy Net Gens?

Net Gen students may know the Internet, but they are not necessarily "net savvy." Exposed to huge quantities and multiple formats of information online, they are constantly challenged to sort valid from inaccurate information. Moreover, students are creating information, not just consuming it. This paper explores the challenges students face online in effectively finding information, using technology, and thinking critically.

EDUCAUSE | Resources | Resource Center Abstract

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Xdrive : Secure Online Storage

Xdrive : Secure Online Storage:
"Back up your PC - automatically
Set it and forget it! Xdrive can automatically back up all your files on your
PC every day, so you can rest easy.

Full-resolution photos
Photos are stored in their original file size so you'll always be able to maintain
the quality of your digital photos.

Avoid Bouncing Large E-mail
Instead of sending a large e-mail that might get returned, send it with Xdrive. There is plenty of room.

Get It Now FREE"


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nokia WidSets for Java Mobile Phones released

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced WidSets, a phone manufacturer-independent Web 2.0 service, that automatically multicasts preferred RSS feeds and user-generated content. With WidSets, Nokia highlights the power behind the evolution of Web 2.0 - the people, the content they produce and the social networks dynamics, facilitating how mobility enhances Web 2.0's use and enjoyment. "Immediate access to information is expected by people today, thus we wanted to make it easy for everybody, from an individual blogger to a web service provider, to automatically have mobile access to website content," said Dieter May, Vice President and Head of Nokia Emerging Business Unit. "We also believe WidSets will be attractive to new users who are not so familiar with Web 2.0. The easiest way to get started is to visit the WidSets website at, create an account, browse the Library, and start exploring the service." WidSets allows users to build a Content Library, freely choosing from RSS feeds to blog posts to photo uploading sites that are multicasted to any new generation Java(TM) enabled mobile devices. WidSets keeps such content updated and forms a symbiotic relationship with the web, enabling both mediums to work as one. WidSets is mobile phone browser-independent and comes to market with a vast array of features that truly put the user in the driving seat. Widsets Templates allow users to include their own websites or blogs, for their own private use or that of others they choose. Collaborative filtering allows the community to enrich the Widsets Library by providing suggestions for new content that a user did not know about. The WidSets User Interface uses a process of "choose and set" that makes Widsets operative within seconds. Best of all, signing up to WidSets is free of charge and using WidSets is optimised for minimal data consumption.

GSM Mobile NZ ⇒ News ⇒ Nokia launches WidSets, boosting Web 2.0 services on mobile phones

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The WidSets solution consists of a mobile Java client application, a web site for widget discovery and creation, and a server back-end that optimizes content and pushes it to out to mobile devices.

Best of all, it's free. Nokia encourages all developers to try out the service and even make their own WidSets.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fixing iTunes ((litefeeds))

When an over-eager grandson disables iTunes 7s visualize, a single keystroke can put everything right again. ....

Monday, October 02, 2006