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Ampkit - competition for iRig

Agile Partners Join Forces to Launch AmpKit iPhone App & AmpKit LiNK Electric Guitar Interface

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Android - HTC Desire

Thoughts on the Android HTC Desire so far - in comparison to using an iPhone 3GS and a Nokia N97:

It comes close to the iPhone experience, definitely better than SYmbian (N97), although like any OS it takes getting used to the way things are done. The text entry via virtual keyboard is not quite as good as the iPhone, but the installation of apps is simple via the Android market app (Symbian Ovi Store sux in comparison!). The main difference to the iTunes Store is the presence of some dodgey looking apps that are blocked in iTunes!
Android is better at Google integration than the iPhone - but not a lot, but the iPhone walks all over Android as a media player. File and application management in Android are completely unintuitive, and third-party file manager apps are clunky - Symbian wins here!

Almost all of my favourite mobile apps are available on Android from the Android Market now, here's a few:

  • Flashlight

  • VNC

  • Barcode and QR Code Reader

  • BibleReader

  • Delicious App

  • Evernote

  • Fring

  • Goggles

  • GMail

  • Google Sky Map

  • gReader

  • Layar

  • Maps

  • Market - for downloading apps

  • MixZing - a media player - limited formats

  • Navigation

  • PDF Viewer

  • Picasa

  • Pixelpipe

  • Qik

  • QuickOffice

  • Route Recorder

  • Google Talk

  • Task Manager

  • Twitter

  • Twonky Server

  • UStream

  • Weather

  • WikiTude

  • Wordpress

  • YouTube

iPad Apps

The 'computer for your Mum' - the iPad has been surprisingly useful and addictive so far. My wife loves it! I've replaced my physical diary with Evernote, and checking emails and RSS feeds on the iPhone has become somewhat less attractive. The 10 hour battery life is great, and using the additional VGA adaptor allows me to substitute the iPad for a laptop for web-based presentations (except Flash - no Prezi :-( DOH).
Of course there's plenty of annoying quirks with iOS on the iPad (still in version 3.2), not least being the restrictive file management that forces every media application to use a unique directory - so sharing documents and media between apps is extremely painful. The online sharing via iWork, Google Docs, MobileMe is cool - great for backups, but each has limitations - iWork will only share docs with less than 50 pages, Google Docs has a meager Word Doc file size limit, so the MobileMe iDisk seems the best so far.

A short list of iPad apps I've found useful so far.

  • Whitcoulls
    I may never have to buy another book - and WAY cheaper!

  • StudioTrack
    8-track audio recorder - doing this cost me $2500 for the software in 1995, and my computer could only play back 6 tracks at once! StudioTrack cost $49!

  • EyeTv
    Stream media from EyeTV devices

  • ReelDirector
    iMovie on the iPad!

  • BlogPress

  • Expedition
    Present web pages via VGA

  • Marvel

  • QuickOffice
    Syncs to Google Docs, MobileMe, and

  • BibleReader

  • GoodReader
    View almost any document and display on external screen via VGA adaptor

  • NetNewsWire
    Great RSS reader

  • Twitterrific

  • Google Earth

  • Pages
    So much nicer to use than QuickOffice or Docs2Go - but limited to iWork synch and email sharing of docs

  • tvGuide

  • Time Magazine

  • Evernote
    Great electronic diary that supports all mobile platforms, and can be used to record audionotes and as a blog editor via email

  • Google App
    Shortcut to Google Mobile services

  • m-connect
    Turns iPad into UPnP server for viewing media on TV

  • And all the built-in Apple Apps of course! Particularly Mail and Safari, plus the App Store for making it so easy to find new apps.

Apps I would like to see iPad optimised:

  • iBlogger
    Best mobile blog editor, supports Vox

  • Blades of Fury

  • UStream

  • Amplitube

  • PixelPipe

  • Fring

  • FiRe

  • Comic Touch

  • Cool Iris

  • Band

  • AudioBoo

  • iDisk
    Doh! this should be a no brainer Apple!

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FWD: RT @HallyMk1: @MarkPower @timku blogged Inclusion, social ...

Tweet from James Clay (@jamesclay):

"RT @HallyMk1: @MarkPower @timku blogged Inclusion, social relations and theory: issues in mobile learning #cetismob"


Thom Cochrane
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Mobile Web 2.0 Prezi

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogging with Evernote

From Evernote:

Blogging with Evernote

Clipped from:
Having just started using Evernote as a replacement for a physical diary,(on an iPad) I've begun pondering whether Evernote could actually be used as a Blog editor - similar to my current favourite Blog editor "MarsEdit" - except free, and with the added dimension of the built-in "iSight Note" (i.e. VODCast) tool (on the iPhone or on a laptop - no webcam on the iPad!).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Citizen Journalism at World Cup

Thom Cochrane
Academic Advisor (elearning & Learning Technologies)
New Zealand

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The iPad - a game changer for education?

Interesting article on the potential impact of the iPad on education!

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iPhone4 Announced

RT@MacLife iMovie for iPhone has themes, transitions, titles, sharing. Project lists, clips viewer. Record into timeline. IPhone4 available June 24. Preorders June 15. 5 countries up first, plus 18 more in July. No multitasking on the 3G with iOS4. First-gen iPod touch won't support iOS 4. iOS 4 is free on June 21.

Tech Specs


Overview Video:


Finally answers most of my peeves with the iPhone:

  • Multitasking

  • Decent camera and video editing

  • BT keyboard support

  • Folders for organising Apps

  • Better Battery Life!

What's still missing?

  • Direct screen mirroring for demos

  • Simple Bluetooth file transfer? - need to check OS4 limitations on BT

  • Decent File manager

  • Physical keyboard - not a problem for me - but some people prefer a physical keyboard & don't want to carry a folding BT keyboard extra