Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Students use of IT

An interesting survey summary from Educause ECAR, outlining 10 key findings of the 2007 ECAR study of Students and Information Technology usage.
"What information technologies are used by undergraduates? How does IT contribute to their academic experiences and learning? What has changed since 2005? ECAR presents 10 key findings from the fourth annual survey of undergraduates, with responses from 27,846 students at 103 higher education institutions."

  1. One size does not fit all

  2. Social Uses of IT- Important and Personal

  3. CMS Usage is Up

  4. IT is All About Convenience

  5. IT as a Utility

  6. Students’ Assess Their IT Skills

  7. Curriculum Matters

  8. IT in Instruction –Striking the Balance

  9. Mobility –A Steady Increase

  10. Learning –It’s All about Instructors

ECAR conclude with two key action focii:
  1. Action Focus: IT Services
    • • Move toward 24 x 7 availability
      –CMS and other services
    • • Strengthen the Help Desk

    • • Continue wireless initiatives

    • • Watch usage trends for handheld devices

  2. Action Focus: IT in Courses
    • • Know your students’ IT profile
      –What technology do they own?
      –What are their IT skills?
    • • Assess use of IT in courses
      –Is there a balance between IT and instructor
      –How can you leverage the curriculum?
      –Are faculty trained in the IT they need?
      –Do students have the skills they need?

Read more below:

Caruso, J. B., & Salaway, G. (2007). Highlights of the 2007 ecar study of students and information technology. ECAR Symposium 2007 Retrieved 21 January, 2008, from

Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube Mobile Updated

The YouTube mobile website version ( been updated with more features and a better interface, so now it supports almost any mobile phone with a data connection (Best viewed over a WiFi network!). There is also a YouTube Java appplication (currently for a small number of 3G phones - includes the Nokia N95) that can be downloaded from The Java app gives a similar experience to YouTube on the iPod touch or iPhone. Videos can now be uploaded directly from compatible mobiles to your YouTube account, or emailed to a special MMS number associated with your YouTube account.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

iPod Touch Blog test2

There appears to be no option for adding attachments to emails on the
iPod touch - however when choosing a photo from the iPods library
there is now an "email photo" option!

Blog test.

Blog test.
I've updated my iPod touch with the Mail & Notes apps from todays
MacWorld announced 1.1.3 software update! These two apps should
significantly increase the usefulness of the Touch as a moblogging
device. I think this was the most interesting announcement of MW2008.
The Macbook AIR is nice but still too large & expensive to be a
contender for mobile education. The Apple TV has some nice updates.
Disapointingly no word on third party iPhone apps or 3G iPhone. I guess
we'll be waiting till Feb for those.

Sent from my iPod

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Newsgator RSS reader clients now FREE!


Newsgators Mac & Windows and mobile device RSS readers are now all FREE!

I've been using the free version of NetNewsWire for years (lite) - but now the full version is free! I've also been using Newsgator Go (Java application) on my cellphone for RSS synchronization - this is now free as well. Newsgator is a great RSS solution that works anyway you want to (Desktop client, web interface, mobile - all synchronizing seemlessly). They must be facing tough competition from the likes of Bloglines and Google Reader to dump their client fees!

Isn't competition great!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Nokia E90

The Nokia E90 looks interesting as an all-in-one (UMPC) device. Rather expensive ($1600NZ), and heavy (232gm) but you don't need a Bluetooth keyboard or external screen (builtin 800x365 resolution!).


PicoProjector - mobile video projector coming of age!

Microvision are about to demo their tiny Pico Projector at CES.

The tiny battery powered projector is designed to work with mobile devices that have video out - e.g. N95, new PSP, iPod etc...


Microvision are also working on an embedded version - built into a cellphone!

Very cool.


Fring Updated

Fring has added AIM & Yahoo talk to its list of supported IM services. A great free application for virtually all mobile phones, supporting:

  • Skype

  • MSN

  • AIM

  • ICQ

  • Yahoo Talk

  • SIP

  • Google Talk

  • Twitter

Fring describes itself as a VOIP application that provides:
  • Presence
  • Free Calls
  • Live Chat
Over 3G and WiFi networks.

fring is compatible with Symbian 8, 9.1, 9.2, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 and UIQ handsets.