Monday, October 31, 2005

3G to WiFi Router

I've had a go setting up a 3G to WiFi router, and shared the with WiFi Palms and Mac Powerbook. Similarly inserted the 3G card directly into the Powerbbook & used 'sharing' to share connection via the Powerbooks WiFi top Palms - similar results! The 3G connection was sloow from home (outside 3G coverage), and similar to dialup speeds within 3G coverage area :-)
Connection was somewhat flakey - kept stalling/dropping. Maybe it was the Telecom end??? Be interested to compare with Vodafone 3G.
Anyway - got much better WiFi by simply plugging an Airport Express into LAN port, and used 'profiles' to switch between setups for home or Unitec networks!

Updtaed Palm Software

Good news! WiFile Pro (v2.08) and NetChaser (v 1.6) (two of my favourite Palm OS applications) have been updated to support the new Palm TX. I've also noticed that the latest beta of Verichat works better on the TX than the 'official' 2.18 release version!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vodafone Expo

Well - just been to the Vodafone mobile 'expedition' expo! Apart from being a lot of fun (wearing a pith helmut & negotiating a simulated jungle!), I made some good contacts re wireless connectivity.

1. Renaissance (via Craig Bouvaird) sell the Telecom data card, and have written Mac drivers for it! They also resale a 3G to WiFi router. Looking forward to borrowing it & having a play creating mobile workgroups for laptops & Palms!!!

2. Discovered the resller of the Linksys 3G to WiFi router (WRT54G3G) = Ingram Micro, Matt Hoskin,
Matt mentioned the WRT54G3G will resale for $600NZ including the Vodafone 3G card early next year. He also mentioned Vodafone data cards will go from 384kbps to 1.4Mbps next year - YAY!!!

3. Came across a company (dang - didn't get a card!) that supplies text services for enrolments/advertising etc. Currently used by UCOL & Wintec - lots of possibilities there!

4. Finally, stumbled across the mGovernment initiative (a spin off from the eGovernment initiative) - for qualifying institutions to bulk purchase Vodafone connections! - $30 access fee per month per mobile, zero cent for mobile-to-mobile within your organization. I discussed the idea of a student DATA rate, which I will follow up at a later stage!

All in all - a worthwhile outing!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Check out to make your PC look like OSX! - a cool freeware interface kit for WinXP.


looks like the future for Palm devices - remotely accessing your PC/Mac. It appears to be a more user-friendly (and less functional) form of VNC.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Vodafone Media Release - 13th September, 2005 - High Speed Connectivity for Teams on the Move: ""

3G to WiFi routers appear to be the next thing in wireless networking solutions! I can imagine the possibilities for education here - mobile laptop workshops/work groups etc.
Coupled with Vodafones new unlimited 3G data connection (although rather expensive at $149/month), presents exciting possibilities for bypass the restrictive IT networks of most institutions!

(Via .)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've been running a workshop on Digital Audio recording this week. it's the first time I've actually spent much time with Apples garageBand recording application (usually I stick with ProTools and Logic pro), however I've been pleasantly surprized at the power and simplicity of Garageband. Its a great app especially for non techy people who just want to get some musical ideas and inspiration down quick! I think I'll be using it regularly as a quick scratch pad for musical ideas form now on! Its also great that you can import your GarageBand sogs directly into Logic for deeper editing later. Great stuff Apple!