Friday, May 22, 2009

Landscape Design Netbook rollout

Today we started the netbook project with the second year Diploma of Landscape Design students and staff. All students and staff were issued a Dell Mini9 netbook for use in their course for the rest of the year. the netbooks will be used as 'windows' into the online web 2.0 world - students will be blogging, uploading and sharing photos and VODCasts of their designs and learning experiences.



This project follows on from a collaborative web 2.0 project between Landscape Design and third year Product Design students on the SHac09 sustainable house competition, where NING was used as a collaborative online space.

See Penny's overview of the project:

Lecturer Mobile VODCasts

Our Community Of Practice with Performing Arts Tutors is focusing on the educational potential of mobile web 2.0 technologies. In particular the Tutors have appropriated VODCasting, using QIK live video streaming from a smartphone to record video reflections and notes to their students.

Here's an example:

Performing Arts COP participants:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Student Netbook Feedback

We've just started the first netbook roll-out project with the first year Product Design students, and we're getting great feedback from them already - embedding some video feedback below (recorded using their netbook webcams and uploaded to their blogs):


Post by Email

Wordpress finally brings email blogging to facilitate simple mobile blogging - a feature that every other blogging patform has had for years!
There are limitations: - image attachments will be viewable in email posts, however audio and video attachments will only work if the video and audio extensions are purchased off Wordpress :-(
Hey Wordpress - this is free on every other blog system!

Click the following linkfor more details and a video overview:

Post by Email: "Post by Email"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ready steady cook

Sushi making competition - yum!

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Student NetBook Project

Today we started the first of several netbook implementation projects (as part of a wider mlearning project) at Unitec. The first year Product Design class all received Dell Mini9 netbooks to use for their course for the rest of the year.
A Moodle course is being used to guide the educational use of the netbooks, as we explore their use within a web2, social constructivist paradigm, to enhance their learning experience, and bridge the 'digital divide'!




Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cellphone Network Development in NZ

A nice NZ Hearld artivle outlining the history of the NZ Cellphone networks, on the eve of Telecoms new network launch - and Vodafones attempt to block it.