Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Interesting Time Magazine Articles

I really should read Time Magazine more often! I came across an issue brimming with Web2 articles from December 25 2006 - #51.

Web2 (or more directly YOU) is named 'person of the year' for 2006!!!

A good overview of Web2 - plus a nice image mind-map of web2 services (only in print version).

An overview/history and early video of YouTube development.

Also of interest:
Overview of "World of Warcraft".

iPhone Flash Demo.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Surgery Recovery Tools

  1. Panadol

  2. Watch - to while away the dragging hours

  3. 3G cellphone to keep in contact & read RSS feeds, blog etc...

  4. Bible - spiritual rejuvenation required!

  5. Wireless Laptop - they need longer life batteries!!! - hence 3G cellphone higher in list!

  6. A good fiction book - but hard to concentrate enuff to read much for first few days!

  7. iPod - with a large library! Stops insanity

  8. And MOST IMPORTANTLY - should be first in the list - a loving wife! and friends

  9. Oops - and don't forget PRAYER - faith that keeps you from falling over the edge into despair when nothing seems to make sense!

Prostate Cancer Research

From NZ Herald A12 Thursday 25 Jan 2007 - Research indicates eating 2-3 servings of tomatoes along with 1.5 cups of broccoli daily reduces cancer cell growth by 30%

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wimax at EIT!!!

Trans-Tasman broadcast and telecommunications technology provider Kordia has secured the New Zealand distribution rights to RoamAD’s networks, which it plans to deploy throughout the country.

The partnership of the two companies won its first New Zealand contract before Christmas, coming top of five bids to build a wireless access solution for the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Hawkes Bay.

Kordia chief executive Geoff Hunt said Kordia (which was until recently known as THL Group) will develop more applications and is willing to work with other content and service providers in the Wi-Fi arena.

“This deal with RoamAD and EIT Hawke’s Bay is our first step towards increasing ease of use and the utility of Wi-Fi networks throughout New Zealand,” he says.

Wow - not bad thinking for a 'small' regional Polytechnic with 3000 EFTS!

Original Article here.

NMC 2007 Report at EDUCAUSE ELI

Get Horizon! at EDUCAUSE ELI: "Okay, this was just the fun part. The six topics:

Time to Adoption 4-5 Years:

The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication

Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming

Time to Adoption 2-3 Years:

Mobile Phones

Virtual Worlds

Time to Adoption One Year or Less:

User-Generated Content

Social Networking"

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


By forwarding pop3 mail to Gmail i can pick it up on my mobile devices - Cool!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bits & Pieces

1. I've been using google reader mobile on my cell phone for RSS feeds - getting used to the interface, although I still prefer NetNewsWire Lite on my Mac (with Newsgator synching).

2. looks like a nice featured blogging host, with growing mobile features.

3. The Google synch plugin for Firefox is a great way to synchronize bookmarks and settings between Firefox on multiple computers - very similar to .Mac synching for Safari.

4. The Apple iPhone looks very cool - could be the perfect UMPC device for education!!! (especially with the uptake of podcasting in education already...)