Friday, November 21, 2008

Subway Mobile!


The ubiquitous nature of mobile connectivity is illustrated by the availability of a Subway Express downloadable application for mobile phones for ordering subway sammies from anywhere anytime - as well as "learner generated contexts" we also now have "consumer generated eating" ;-)

Cost = 20c per order - as the application forwards your order as a txt message.

Download yours HERE


Blackberry Storm 9500

The Blackberry Storm 9500 touch-screen smartphone has been getting some good reviews, including from Mac users! e.g:
MacWorld review


The Storm has a couple of features that give it an edge over the iPhone in specifications,

  • Cut and Paste

  • Higher resolution camera: 3.2MP

  • Video recording

However, it BIG limitation is the lack of WiFi!!! WiFi has become a BASIC feature of smartphones, and is critical in educational settings as WiFi provides cost-effective (FREE) access to the Internet on campus for students, whereas the 3G only Storm will cost $$$ for EVERYTHING the students do! :-(

Blackberry are still in a business users mode!

Monday, November 17, 2008

WOA - electronic musicians - SLOrk and "iBand"!!!

Check out this amazing 'band' - all using iPhone/iPod touch music applications to form a band! They have some great videos and audio samples on their website - awesome!


iPhone Drumming demo:

iBand performance:


Currently highlighted on Apples website is SLOrk - the Stanford Laptop Orchestra!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mourning the End of the Mobile Projects

Students mourn the return of their smartphones at the end of mobile learning projects at Unitec 2008!

Mourning the N95

“This is what I am left with!

It cannot…

Take Photos


Check the wind

Make videos

Be my friend

Tell me where Ennismore Rd is

Or how to get there

Take more photos

Do other internet things

Film this

Be my calendar,


Or memory

(I have a bad memory)

The screen on this is tiny

There is no -

Sports tracker

Bouncy ball



Location Tag


Plus all the rest

I miss my N95

Everything else




Mobile Learning Reflections

A series of student reflections on some of the Mobile Learning Trials at Unitec 2008.

Diploma Contemporary Music - iPod/iPhones

Bachelor Product Design (Year2) N95

Bachelor Product Design (Year1) iPhones

Diploma Landscape Design - Sonyericsson P1i

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Txttools is an SMS (short message service, or text messaging) solution for organizations, including education. There are two main ways to use txttools:

  1. Web interface at

  2. LMS plugins for Blackboard or Moodle


  • Create groups

  • Integration with user profiles in Moodle or Blackboard - i.e. txttools plugin recognises groups, and mobile phone numbers in user profiles.

  • Database of sent and received txt messages

  • Statistics monitoring - showing sent/received status of messages for each user.

  • Automated actions via administrator defined keywords

  • Automatic registration of users by txting a keyword to a dedicated txttools number

  • Cost confidence - cost = annual license fee, not per message.


Below is the Web Management interface for Txttools:


Moodle Txttools plugins screenshots:

Course_ iDesign (Product).jpg

MoodleTxt History for iDesign (Product).jpg