Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Why pay to upgrade to DTGv8 when PalmPDF allows native PDF viewing for FREE!


I've finally got PDAReach remote software for the Palm to work in Virtual PC on my powerbook!! I kept on having USB connection errors, but disabling the Palm transport background task in OSX, and copying a working virtual drive from my G5 to my Powerbook appears to have fixed the problem! As a bonus, i get back 2GB disk space, as my VPC image from my G5 is 2GB smaller than the one I originally had on my Powerbook. PS - I can't wait till next year for the MactEl Powerbooks - when they will be truely DUAL OS - booting systems - that will ROCK!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I've been experimenting with dotMac recently - I haven't looked at dotMac accounts since you had to pay an annual subscription - it was great when it was free! Anyway, with the addition of group pages, and a boost to 1GB storage, plus the ability of WiFile Pro on a Palm to directly connect to dotMac iDisks, I thought it was time for another look.
So far I can see a lot of potential. dotMac can provide a highly collaborative environment for education, without the limitations of institutional IT infrastructures. Coupled with wireless 3G data access (as long as the price is low)... still experimenting with this idea.

Friday, November 11, 2005

MAudio Podcast Factory released

A bundle including MAudio 2x2 usb audio interface, microphone & stand, and Audacity software! (Audacity is an open-source audio app for Mac, PC, Linux)
Podcast Factory

Documents To Go updated

DTG version 8 released - now includes native PDF support!DTG

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bluetooth to WiFi

Using my cellphone as a modem, with a Bluetooth connection to my Laptop, and then sharing the connection to other WiFi devices via the laptop builtin WiFi works fine! BTW - I love these infrared keyboards for the Palms - they make typing so much easier!!!

3G update

Had another go at configuring the 3G to WiFi router at Unitec (should have 3G coverage on campus). I got better results by using the 3G card directly in the Powerbook and sharing the connection via Airport - managed to get 5 WiFi Palms happily connected that way. Using the 3G router, only certain devices appeared to be able to find & connect to the network. Conclusion - save $1500 and simply buy the 3G data card and share its connection directly from the Powerbook! Boonus is - you don't need a powerpoint to power the Powerbook, but you do for the 3G/WiFi router - hardly a 'mobile' solution! Currently testing download speed by downloading a 90MB HD QuickTime movie via 3G. Downloads in fits and starts. Its hardly moving at the supposed 500 to 700kbps! It took about 40mins to download a 90MB file = 300kbps. Not bad!