Friday, November 04, 2005

3G update

Had another go at configuring the 3G to WiFi router at Unitec (should have 3G coverage on campus). I got better results by using the 3G card directly in the Powerbook and sharing the connection via Airport - managed to get 5 WiFi Palms happily connected that way. Using the 3G router, only certain devices appeared to be able to find & connect to the network. Conclusion - save $1500 and simply buy the 3G data card and share its connection directly from the Powerbook! Boonus is - you don't need a powerpoint to power the Powerbook, but you do for the 3G/WiFi router - hardly a 'mobile' solution! Currently testing download speed by downloading a 90MB HD QuickTime movie via 3G. Downloads in fits and starts. Its hardly moving at the supposed 500 to 700kbps! It took about 40mins to download a 90MB file = 300kbps. Not bad!

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