Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CfLAT iPad Project Presentations 2011

  1. Featuring a Twitter Stream using the Hashtag #cflat for the mornings presentations
  2. @JuditK u can tweet about the iPad presentations using #cflat :-)
  3. @thomcochrane How many Twitter users in #cflat ?
  4. @thomcochrane Encouraging @ChristineM78 to join in the #cflat tweets! Who else have we got? @jbturtle @jswann
  5. #CfLAT presentations are go! Top stuff
  6. Great new learning environments #CfLAT
  7. iPad project presentations giving me some good ideas relating to my research proposal. #CfLAT
  8. @pawyse welcome to the Twitterverse #cflat
  9. I can see the teaching potential #CfLAT
  10. @kiwimarc #cflat yeah right! As they say...
  11. Link to Moodle Forum with Stanley's feedback on the iPad presentations:
    "Awesome presentations !by Stanley Frielick - Sunday, 18 December 2011, 11:25 pm 

    thanks to all for the amazing presentations on Friday - I think the quality and innovation was nicely summed up by Graham Prentice and I totally agree with his evaluation.  

    Part II of the presentations will be held on Monday 6 Feb - to allow those who kindly agreed to postpone theirs to allow sufficient time.

    My slides are available as PDF here (no videos)"

  12. Stanley's summary presentation link below, uploaded to Google Docs:
  13. A presentation created on the iPad about the iPad project presentations that took place today. How very meta. #cflat
  14. #cflat student iPad projects - view via Prezi
  15. #cflat so gutted my presentation has been delayed to next year
  16. This is the link to our 'Developing an AUTonline Support System' Prezi presentation

    The app is now up and working in it's beta stage on Steve's ipad.