Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Calendars

I've been playing with Google Calendars recently - mainly because my dotMac account runs out soon and the boss won't renew it ( :-( ), and I love using iCal on the Mac! So - experimenting with Google Calendars revealed that it uses the same format as iCal!!! I can export my iCal calendars and import them directly into Google Calendars - YAY! You can even share your GCal & subscribe to it via iCal (to get an offline copy). A nifty little utility is for the Mac, and GCal.Win for Windows - basically a dedicated browser for Google Calendars.

Only prob so far appears that reminder events do not translate through to iCal from Google Calendar.

Its also possible to generate HTML for embedding your Google Calendar in a web page:

Although it appears Blogger does not support the iFrame tag that is required for this to work :-( - hang on, maybe its just Safari. OK - checking in Firefox reveals the problem is Safari not supporting Google Calendar emded - Firefox views the following embedded Google Calendar fine! - so if you see a blank space below this post - view it in Firefox ;-)

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