Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Add YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter to Nokia Shareonline

There's a nice tutorial at on how to configure Nokia's Shareonline service to add Youtube, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter (as well as the default Ovi, Vox and Flickr services).


First - signup online for the sites you want to add (YouTube, Picasa, Twitter etc...). If you already have logins to these you are good to go to setup Shareonline:

  1. On your Nokia mobile phone web browser go to, or scan the following QR Code to take you direct to download the Shareonline config files for YouTube, Picasa, etc...


  2. Now click on each of the links you want to setup on Shareonline

  3. After download, switch to Shareonline on your phone, select the new 'ready for activation' services, login to each and they will be activated

  4. Happy Mobile sharing!

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