Friday, September 18, 2009

AVIARY - online Image and audio editor

AVIARY is a set of media recording and editing tools that work inside of your web browser - a powerful 'cloud computing' tool. It's key features include:

  • Photo Editor (including masks)

  • Vector image editor - c.f. Freehand/Illustrator

  • Screen Capture

  • Multitrack Audio Editor and Recorder - e.g. Garageband, a nicer interface than Audacity!

Video Intro to Aviary:

Video Intro to the Aviary Audio recorder/editor (Myna)

  1. Visual Waveform editor

  2. Automation

  3. Effects

  4. Import/Export

  5. Share sessions

Example Myna Session:

denis.egg by denistuning on Aviarydenis.egg by denistuning on Aviary



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Graffi said...

I just love this whole movement of SaaS for creative people. I also use for image editing and for online publishing I use which is as easy to use as InDesign. :-)