Monday, August 11, 2008


Evaluating the ASUS EeepC (900) for use as a cheap. lightweight WiFi laptop for students. Currently it sells for $749NZ, but the 901 is due soon (Double the processor speed and over double the battery life! - same weight & dimensions). It's Linux OS and simple use of open-source and Web2 tools make it an ideal introduction to the world of Web2 in education.

EeePC screenshot: Internet

EeePC screenshot - EeePC Internet based applications - opensource Linux.

  1. Web = Firefox2
  2. Links to Google Tools/Apps

  3. Skype

  4. Messenger = Pidgin

  5. Mail App = Thunderbird

  6. Scripts for Bluetooth (requires additional BT dongle on 900 - builtin on 901)

  7. VODEM script, etc...

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