Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mobile Google Notebook

Here's an interesting note about Google Notes - I think this will open up text creation/editing facilities for the iPod Touch & iPhone!HHmmm, bummer aparantly no way to edit a note after it is added :-( except in full web browser, going to the full version of Google Notes in Safari on the ipod touch gives extra editing options, but still can't seem to edit a previously created note on the iPod Touch.

Mobile Google Notebook: "

[From Eric Mann] Mobile Google Notebook looks mighty interesting. 'Google Notebook was one of the few Google apps that we're not available from a mobile phone. Now you can go to and find a HTML version of Google Notebook optimized for mobile phones. There's also a new notebook 'Mobile notes' where you can add notes directly from the homepage.'


(Via PalmAddicts.)

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