Thursday, November 22, 2007

FOR MRTPD: 22 November 200,CTLI,Bldg 111,


Session outline.


Facilitators: Thomas Cochrane and Richard Elliott

2. What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online course management system - a software package designed to enable educators in any sector to create quality online courses.

It's Open Source and free to download.

Supported by its founder and lead developer, Martin Dougiamas, and a vibrant community of educators, developers and Moodle Partners across the world. is the main Website.

3. Setting up a Moodle site

4. Setting up a course in Moodle: Using the Administrator block

You begin by specifying course settings, such as the format of the course, its title, when it starts, and so forth. From there, you build your course.

5. Demo of an example course: its structure and functionality

6. Maintaining the site 1: Adding resources, activities and blocks

7. Maintaining the site 2: Backup

8. Questions and answers


The Hitchhikers Guide to Moodle. This is a very good resource. Use ‘guest’ login.

Moodle Docs Website

Moodle Demo


Unitec site

Free courses in UK. Useful to get an idea of a range of courses. Need to create an account to access

Free Podcasting course

External training course


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