Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vodafone launches 3GB Mobile Broadband

Vodafone launches 3GB Mobile Broadband

From GSM Mobile NZ:

Vodafone is pleased to announce the launch of the Broadband Pro mobile broadband plan. Designed to complement the existing mobile broadband range, Broadband Pro offers users 3GB of data per month for $69.95 with a 24 month contract.

“We already have an entry level 200MB/month plan and the very popular 1GB plan, but customers have told us they want more data when they’re on the move,” says GM of Products and Services, Kursten Shalfoon.

The new plan is also available at $79.95 per month (with an additional $10 for bundle insurance) for customers who want no fixed term.

“The customer automatically gets the benefit of our bundle insurance which gives them a buffer of an additional 3GB of traffic to ensure they don’t run the risk of exceeding the monthly limit.”

Customers who sign up for 24 months can choose between a free Vodem or a Vodafone Mobile Connect PC card for $99. The Vodem has been wildly successful in the New Zealand market and requires no additional software to install – customers simply plug in the Vodem into a USB port on their laptop or desktop and the Vodem takes care of installation.

Vodafone’s 3G Broadband network offers real-world speeds of between 800kbit/s and 1.4Mbit/s download speed and 380kbit/s upload speed. The Broadband Pro plan is available from Monday, July 21.

Vodafone’s 3G broadband network offers peak speeds of up to 3.2Mbit/s and average speeds of between 800kbit/s and 1.4Mbit/s.

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