Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free NewsGator Mobile for Mobiles

Newsgator have finally seen the light - spurred on by the release of the iPhone, and produced a mobile web2 interface for their online RSS reading/synchronizing system!I wonder how it will stack up against Google Reader?

Free NewsGator Mobile for iPhone: "NewsGator Daily: ‘This morning we announced the release of NewsGator Mobile for iPhone, a free newsreader that takes advantage of the unique design and user interface of Apple’s wildly popular new device. The free service, which works with iPhones and other mobile devices is accessible at’"

(Via Ranchero.)

NewsGator Unveils Free Mobile Reader for iPhone: "‘The beauty of NewsGator's new mobile-optimized, Web-based feed reader isn't just that it works well with an iPhone – it's that it syncs my subscription list, including which messages I've already read, with NetNewsWire on my Mac,’ said John Gruber of Daring Fireball, a top Apple-focused blog."

(Via NewsGator News and Updates.)

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