Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smart Mobs: Mojungle let's you Share your life

Smart Mobs: Mojungle let's you Share your life: "Use your mobile phone to begin recording your life. Mojungle allows you to save and share your memories. On SMS Text News Ewan MacLeod reviews the new service that enables you to text photos and videos to the web.

One of the entrepreneurs is Ari Mir. Ari wrote Smartmobs the following:

' have been working on a research project focused on developing mobile social software. We recently released our first product, a personal media player powered by your mobile device. I like to think of it as a 'true' live journal. Please visit it at:'."

(Via SmartMobs.)

WOW - this is cool! MoJungle works on any phone that can email of SMS pics, video, or audio, hosting your media on the MoJungle web server, and creating the html code you need to embed the MoJungle 'player' into your own web page/Blog etc...

Nice to see that apparently its underpinned by some research into mobile social software.

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