Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Moodle1.6 & Elgg install on MacOSX

Installed & configured Moodle1.6 & Elgg on PPC & Intel Laptops, and G5 Test server ( or

Quick Process:
1. Update/install OSX 10.4
2. Update/install PHP, Apache2 (with mod_rewrite), MySQL
a. Use WebServerXKit for ppc – simplest
b. Use PHP & MySQL installers for Intel
c. Download PhpMyAdmin or MySQL Administrator
d. Check versions by creating phpinfo.php file in webdirectory root & opening.
3. Modify php.ini & httpd.conf files
a. Set file upload & post sizes in php.ini
b. Set server url, AllowOverride All in Apache httpd.conf
4. Create database folders for Moodle, elgg, outside main webserver Documents folder – set access to read/write & to moodle & elgg folders
5. Create databases for moodle & elgg using phpmyadmin’
6. Create default users for both databases, assigning all privileges
7. Configure Moodle by pointing browser to url
8. Configure Elgg by manually editing/creating config.php (copy from config-dist.php)
9. Use Tinkertool to check .htaccess file is in elgg root directory
10. Run to setup
11. Integrate Moodle & Elgg.
a. NB – there is a typo in the setup instructions, ‘confirmurl’ in elgg config.php should end with /confirm.php – NOT /config.php!!!
12. Make sure a Cron job is working!

4th time is much quicker ;-) !!!

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