Thursday, June 01, 2006

Java Blogging & RSS options

The litefeeds Java app works on any Java capable device - including Palm, and my 'ancient' SonyEricsson T630 mobile phone! Well I wish I knew about this ages ago! It was relatively easy to install litefeeds on my T630 - just downloaded jar files from, then 'sent file' via bluetooth file transfer app on my Mac. Now I can blog & read RSS feeds from my mobile! - of course the data charges are horrendous :-( ... So my mobile blogging options now include:
1. synchronizing with the litefeeds java client (very similar to newsgator & marsedit synchronizing on my Mac!)
2. Java RSS & blogging apps - e.g. mreader
3. SMS blogging via (probably the cheapest option - but no RSS reading option)

So now I don't have to wait for the M600 to start mobile blogging after all!

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