Friday, June 30, 2006

Greg Reinacker's Weblog - NewsGator platform roadmap - Part II (a look forward)

Greg Reinacker's Weblog - NewsGator platform roadmap - Part II (a look forward): "NewsGator Mobile

As I mentioned, we released a beta of NewsGator Mobile for Windows mobile a few weeks ago. In the next month or two, that will go gold, and we'll also release a beta of NewsGator Mobile for java-enabled phones. If you're using a palm-based Treo, a Blackberry, or any of a number of other devices, you'll get a similar rich experience as Windows mobile users.

Moving forward, these kinds of applications is where it's at. Truly delivering information at your fingertips - but this time, it's not the information that MSN or Yahoo! has selected for you - it's information you've subscribed to yourself, or information you've otherwise indicated an interest in.

What we're focused on here is user experience. Folks don't spend hours reading on their mobile phones - the key is to provide the right information, at the right time, in a way that's usable. And this includes audio and video content as well - on certain devices, this can be a great experience, and is becoming more and more important, and we're going to bring that to market. One of the mobile applications we acquired along with SmartRead was a mobile podcasting client; expect to see that technology rolled into our mobile applications."

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