Monday, March 27, 2006

Experimenting with PSP

Having just received a PSP for evaluation on Friday - I've been putting it through its WiFi capability paces over the weekend, and signing on to the WPA encrypted WiFI network here at Unitec. So far I am pleasantly surprized. The PSP is quite easy to setup for WEP or WPA WiFi access, and the included (with software version 2.5+) web browser is rather nice. The RSS feed facility appears to currently only support streaming audio podcasts, but Sony are promising major updates to the PSPs RSS capabilities soon, and Flash playing compatibility too!

The biggest downfall is the clunkiness of text entry - which would make anything but the most rudimentary of Blog entries a chore. Hopefully someone will provide support for IR keyboard input (as there is no Bluetooth connectivity).

I'm also surprised at the number of 3rd party hacks available, and synchronizing software. My current favourite is PSPWare (for Mac & PC). More to come as I experiment...

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