Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Favourite Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 Applications

While there's still quite a few apps still to be ported to the S60 v5 for the Xpressmusic 5800, here's a list of my favourite applications for the Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 smartphone, plus links for downloading these (where needed).

  • Messaging - the built-in app for Email and Txt, and my preferred way of mobile blogging.

  • Share Online3 - built-in app accessible via the 'media bar' shortcut 'button' top of the screen.
    I've setup direct links to OVI, Pixelpipe, Flickr, Vox.

  • Google Mobile app - linking to the Google mobile suite (Calendar, Reader, YouTube, Search...

  • Fring - For instant messaging,
    GMail notification,

  • QIK - for video streaming

  • Quickoffice - for reading Word & Excell docs

  • Google Maps - with fantastic street view, and Google Latitude for following friends via GPS!

  • Screensnap - for taking screenshots of the phone

  • Kaywa Reader - for 2D Mobile Codes

  • Nokia Wireless Keyboard app = for linking to bluetooth keyboards

  • Goo Sync - for synchronising Google Calendar with the 5800 built-in calendar app

  • PhotoFlow - for viewing pics

  • The camera - with firmware upgrade v2 GPS tagging is automatic and built-in

  • Nokia EasyMeet - widget and web site for collaborating between mobile devices and computer users

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