Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The "Myth" of the cost of Mobile Web2

We had an interesting interjection in our Mobile Web2 presentation at eFest - claiming SMS is cheaper and does 90% of what we can achieve via Mobile Web2!

Sadly this miss-information is rife! Lets bury that myth right now!

1. SMS is NOT a media rich, collaborative, user content creation tool! Mobile Web2 is!

2. Costing 20c($0.2NZ) per 160 character message, it is the equivalent of the minimum 3G data, which is charged per kilobyte or part thereof.

Casual 3G data now costs $1NZ for a 10MB per day 'data cap' ($1 per MB thereafter) - soooo, for the same price of 5 x SMS messages (approx 5kb) you get 10MB of rich media using casual web2!!!
OR, to get the equivalent data in SMS messages, it would cost 10000 x $0.2 = $2000NZ. HHhmmmm - who's being more cost effective now!

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