Monday, July 14, 2008

iPod Touch V2 software & Apps

The v2.0 software ($9US) for the ipod touch adds several new features - including third party applications that can be either synched from iTunes or downloaded directly to the iPod. My favourite apps so far include: Mobile Flickr uploader, Shozu, and the ability to take snapshots of the iPod screen (hold down 'home' button & press 'off' button to capture screenshot to 'saved pictures' folder on iPod) - great for creating examples & tutorials, and a way of creating images on the iPod touch without a camera ;-) .

iPod Touch apps

More free iPod Touch apps

The above Apps (Top line are web apps, rest are from itunes App store) are all free except Mobile Flickr (a bargain at $5).

The V2 software update adds ann 'Apps' store icon to the iPod main screen - apps can be purchased & downloaded directly over WiFi to the iPod Touch. To purchase (or download freebies) and synch to iPod via iTunes you need to update iTunes to V7.7 - this adds an 'applications' menu to iTunes.

Screenshots of several iPod Apps below:

Netnewswire (RSS Reader) on iPod Touch

NetNewsWire (free) - RSS reader that synchs with account online, as well as desktop and Java mobile readers (NetNewsWire on Mac, FeedDemon on PC, Newsgator Go on Java capable phone).

AIM app on iPod Touch

AIM Instant Messanger App (Free). AIM or .Mac only.

VR player app for iPod Touch

VR Viewing App (Free). Also allows you to link to and share your own VR content.

Mobile Flickr app on iPod Touch

Mobile Flickr ($5). Although other apps link to Flickr for free (e.g. Shozu), Mobile Flickr provides access to almost all of your Flickr account options from the iPod Touch. So I thought the small investment worthwhile!

Shozu on iPod Touch

SHOZU (Free) on iPod Touch. A great app for uploading pics and comments to a host of popular blog and media sites, and downloading a selection of Podcasts.A couple of issues with Shozu though:

1. Unfortunately Shozu appears to only synch with one mobile device - so each mobile device requires it's own Shozu account or Shozu gets 'confused' and posts go missing!

2. Shozu only posts to your blog host by uploading a picture - no text only blog posts from Shozu. However, this is nicely covered by a Web App from Sixapart - BLOGIT. I've made a web app shortcut to Blogit on my iPod Touch and linked my Blogger, Wordpress, and VOX blogs to Blogit.

What I'd really like to see is an iPod/iPhone app version of my favourite Mac Blog editor "MarsEdit"!

The Apps really find wings with the iPhone - using the camera for capture & 3G connectivity - but they also significantly enhance the iPod Touch as well.

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