Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iPhone 3G NZ update

Vodafone NZ now have a news bulletin on their site re the release of the iPhone 3G on 11 July - not much info & no pricing from Vodafone yet - however the NZ Herald qoted the 8GB iPhone 3G to be $365NZ this morning - that's less than a third of the parallel import price of the original iPhone!

"Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal will be the first Vodafone markets to offer customers iPhone 3G for purchase on July 11. iPhone 3G will be available via Vodafone on both prepay and contract price plans which will include great value data bundles."

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Wayno said...

Although it is great that the iPhone will be available at half the price of the original .. should the price not be $290 NZ ($199 US + GST) to buy the phone and use with your current Sim Card .. and slightly cheaper if Vodafone want you to sign up on one of their plans?