Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mlearn2007 Charlie Schick

Mlearn2007 Charlie Schick

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Interesting keynote from charlie - looking at getting the phone on the web rather than getting the web on the phone! Supporting the 3rd wave of the internet - me & mine - maklng connections with our closest friends! Also showed empowering stories - see

video: mobile phone booths nairobi
Duncan and John are living with a physical handicap. Instead of begging they converted their wheel chairs into mobile phone booths. 'We are doing good business now.'

Charlies focus is upon "enriching your FIRST LIFE" ;-)

Also interesting was the Bluetooth ihubs around Melbourne for sharing movies!

The staff of a regional community college have faced a steep learning curve in developing a revolutionary e-learning platform as part of a pilot study into the delivery of a course on sustainable house design. Young filmmakers are participating in a revolutionary film festival and information experiment where the movies they've produced can be viewed or downloaded from Melbourne's innovative digital information stands - iHubs.
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