Friday, June 08, 2007

Dummies2Delight Reflections

Just been brainstorming with Giedre (over coffee) re motivation and success factors in our round two of Communities Of Practice at Unitec.

Why did we get such buy-in from the first D2D compared to its successors?

  1. Key D2D members were concurrently reading/researching the concepts of COPs

  2. D2D members interacted more as peers and beyond the COP official sessions

  3. Second Generation COP members appear to be treating the COPs as a series of traditional 'Workshops' - with too much reliance upon the tech steward/facilitator and little/no peer interaction in between

The implications are that for second gen COPs we have assumed participants have an understanding of the concepts that make COPs unique and successful. DOH! This not being the case - we need to include in the early stages of new COPs an investigation of "what are COPs" and "How do COPs work" - i.e. explicitly emphasize how to nurture COPs.

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