Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Get With The Program

An article in the latest New Zealand TUANZ Topics magazine asks "Are web2 communication tools such as blogs, wikis, webcasts and podcasts now an essential part of the teacher's toolkit?" (From a secondary school perspective)

They conclude:

"You and I are the last generation that has the perogative of deciding whether or not we're going to embrace technology. But the kids we are teaching noe, the ones that are under my watch in the classroom, they aren't given that same perogative. If they don't master these skills, I'm actually dooming them to a lower level of opportunity

The thing we need to understand about the type of learners coming to us today is that not only do they have different tools, but they actually process differently.

Most kids are walking around with one or two cellphones in their pocket, using them to text their friends, surf the Web, take photos, and post to their blogs. And yet as soon as they get to school they're told to turn the cellphones off.

If we'd just let students work to their strengths, instead of their weaknesses, we'll start to celebrate what they can do, and what they come to the classroom with - and that is a propensity toward technology."

Putt, S. (2007, March/April). Get with the program. TUANZ Topics, 17, 35-38.

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Leigh Blackall said...

Nice post Thom. Have you linked up with Graham Wegner over at Teaching Generation Z blog yet? He has a recent post that relates to yours.