Thursday, December 14, 2006

Study on 'What [US] College Students want from their Education'

Interesting article:

Study on 'What [US] College Students want from their Education': "


Via Jim Farmer's eLibrary feed, an ongoing treasure trove of documents on patents and elearning (amongst other topics), comes news of this report by Eduventures, a Boston-based consulting firm. You have to pay for the full report, but even the short precis has some interesting nuggets from a student perspective. According to this summary, the study of 6,200 enrolling freshman in the US found 'Professional Preparation,' 'Academic Strength' and 'Affordability' (in that order) as the top 3 things incoming students are looking for. And around the notion of 'Academic Strenght,' apparently

students value 'close interaction with faculty' and 'experiential learning' more than 'honors programs' and the development of smaller 'learning communities.'


(Via EdTechPost.)

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