Monday, August 07, 2006


I'm impressed! A free platform independent app for streaming iTunes libraries across a network or the internet to any device that supports RSS feeds! I got it working without a problem streaming iTunes from my Powerbook to my PSP. The only 'hard' bit was turning off the software firewall on port 8080 to allow the streaming traffic thru.

" MyTunesRSS is an application for accessing your iTunes library from any computer connected through a network. You can browse and search your library with any browser, use existing playlists or create new ones. From all this data you can create RSS feeds or M3U playlists in your browser and use them with appropriate programs. So you can play your iTunes tracks on today's clients like the Playstation Portable.

MyTunesRSS is a GUI for configuring and starting a server and a web application. When the server is running, you can access the web application with a browser. The web application is password protected, so only you can access it.

You can browse your library by album or artist and you can search for tracks. Besides the exisiting iTunes playlists you can create new ones from the browser. You can create RSS feeds or M3U playlists from any album, tracks of an artist or a playlist. You can also simply download tracks, e.g. for getting them on your Playstation Portable without a USB link. Applications like VLC for example can also get streams from videos in your library.

Since MyTunesRSS is pure Java, you can run it on any platform supporting Java 1.5 and iTunes.

You can download MyTunesRSS for free and use it as long as you wish."

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