Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reflections on first day of Wireless PAlm trial

Some issues discovered/encountered so far:
1. uBlog crashing Palm due to corrupt preference files - solution: delete & reinstall (beam from working version) uBlog.
2. Verichat IM client not connecting - possible issue - only a single license, but multiple users attempting to logon? (or problem with proxy server settings & WiFi access point ports) - solution: Use Agile Messenger instead. NB check for stability on LifeDrive!
3. Blog settings in uBlog - should have screenshot showing setup settings - put on Moodle notes.
4. Similarly - should have screenshots of QuickNews feed setup - check developer site for manual snapshots.
5. Upload zipped version of Palm Desktop software for PC to Moodle for student download.
6. SLoooooooooow external connection rates of Moodle Server - solution: fix Moodle on XServes & reinstall Moodle.
7. missing 'add blocks' item in Moodle and send email to selected Participants. Solution: as above - reinstall Moodle, or create course on Laptop & import to server.
8. Slower students - solution: create mentors with IT literate students!
9. Forgot to mention Moodle shortcut on Palms via SharkLinks - solution: email note to students (also mention Agile Messanger solution for IM).
10. Time consuming - creating database of student Blogs, email, IM IDs - need a more automated approach!

Phew - enough for a start! Apart from that - the introduction of the project went quite well. - several students are already keen to purchase their own Palms!

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