Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More LifeDrive Issues

Ah - the never ending story... The LifeDrive has been much more stable since last updates/removal of prob apps, but I've had an issue with Documents To Go that took a little bit to sort - couldn't load powerpoint files in DTG 7.006. DTG kept complaining that it had found an earlier version on the LD. So... I downloaded & installed the DatavizTechTool to LD, used it to unistall DTG, then from DTG on Mac, chose reinstall handheld applications, did a hotsync, and HEY PRESTO - SlideShow To Go works again!

One Tutor is having issues with LD not shutting down properly & consequently draining battery - LED contues to blink every few seconds when LD 'off'. I can't find a solution to this in any forums, the closest guess is that the LD is being shutdown before the harddrive is fully parked, OR IR or BT or WiFi services are trying to connect somehow - keep posted for outcome!

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